Plush Police Crane Merchandiser - Skill Claw Impulse Machine

Plush Police Crane Merchandiser  - Skill Claw Impulse Machine


Available In 3 Sizes! The Plush Police Crane Merchandiser is one of the most attractive and most reliable Crane machines on the market. Not only is it available in 3 sizes but may also be custom designed with your own corporate graphics and colors. It may be placed in places such as Restaurants, Family Fun Centers, Arcades, Sports Bars and countless sites too numerous to mention. Please refer to the "Product Features" and "Specifications" above for more details. YOU MAY SELECT THE "MEDIUM CRANE" OR THE "LARGE CRANE" AT AN ADDITIONAL COST FROM THE "OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES" BELOW. These Crane machines may be configured for up to FOUR PLAY TYPES AS FOLLOWS: TYPICAL SKILL PLAY, THE X-TRA PLAY, PLAY UNTIL YOU WIN AND BUY IT NOW. DECALS ARE AVAILABLE TO DISPLAY ON THE CRANE AS TO WHICH TYPE OF PLAY THE MACHINE IS SET UP FOR, PLUS A DECAL WITH THE PRICE PER PLAY.
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